#9 Co-pulation

Physical Theatre La Visitation

TETRAPODE. High-concept choreography from young performers, a vaguely Space Odyssey aesthetic. Flimsy modern dance and physical theatre in the darkening Périgueux evening.

A quartet of humanoid performers, identically dressed as masked puppets of sorts, each rather lifeless and rigid emphatically like a doll. Spacemen, or women rather, in white masks and blue overalls.

Large stage on a beautiful school courtyard underused, the scale and space of it making the performers look small.

Pointless play with a rope, relishing the repetitiveness of passing wire. An exploration of authenticity and the act of reproduction in motion.

Dance of the marionettes, with long sequences of mostly stillness. Not compelling. Ragdoll physics moments fun, but a desperate reprieve in a 40min piece with 3/4 slack. A shadow of a surprise ending.

Too slow, too difficult — skip.