#7 2K

Le Palace

LA VOLGA & CIE HOMO LUDENS. Classic mime from established performer duo, vignettes of human interaction.

Slapstick, nods to Marceau. Tributes from invisible wall on, classic props, animal mime. Apes escaping confinement. Gestures and faces, mimicking one another; exaggerated behaviour. A study of the human condition.

A light narrative of brothers, of a species. From playing to competition, learning to trade, conflict escalating to struggle and war. Lethal banana games.

Long sequence about working together to reach an arbitrarily difficult taunting prize. Ladder tricks, and mooning out of nowhere.

Classics resurrected, with predictable resolutions. Likeable enough, even fluid mime after the two warmed up. A functional pairing of journeymen. A little slow.

That Swedish film, The Square, on my mind. Aping about on stage for us, beyond the fourth wall.