#6 Bakéké

Clownerie Square Jean-Jaurès

FABRIZIO ROSSELLI. Bucket man and his bucket adventures.

A clown on a quest to build a tower, an elaborate stack from green high-visibility buckets. Amusingly making easy things difficult, in the time honoured mime tradition. Careful audience prep got everyone to root for the tall stack man by the end.

A meditation on the subject of peculiar personal perfection. A study of free play and imagination and relishing absurdity.

Brilliant genre breaking, painfully funny action scene. "On y va!" baby scaring destruction. Confident, flat smile on his face. Scared little girl off in tears from the front row.

Rosselli, in a long coat and straw hat, making good use of his elongated limbs. A bicycle, and a few mark hitting side jokes, too. Pram lock down. A total performance in character.

Serious young helper, rewarded with finale. Audience wildly cheering for bucket man and his assistant.

Simple and fun all the way. Lost some pace, but made up for it in style.