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Mime, talk show ( Presentation ) Centre départemental de la communication

CIE YVES MARC - THÉÂTRE DU MOUVEMENT ET CIE ZINZOLINE. Tedious performance lecture with no pace. A comprehensive review of (all?) the small gestures that form the vocabulary of nonverbal communication. Body talking.

Two veteran actors in a carefully rehearsed show. Poor audience contact: highly verbal, but we might as well had not been there. Plastic and inauthentic. Monotonic, felt much too long. I was on the verge of falling a sleep a third in, having stood or walked all day so far.

What I could decipher from the presentation, very shallow analysis of mind behind gesture. More of a catalogue of physical communication gestures. As entertaining as a dictionary. Fleeting moments of poetry and unison.

Best joke right at the end when the pair left the stage for applause by the prop door and waited a moment behind it.