#4 Alias

Puppetry ( Dance ) Square Jean-Jaurès

DIRTZ THEATRE. One man masked dance and marionette act. Carnie couple production, with a whiff of La Strada.

Subversion or exploration of the performer/character relation. Black circle on the ground, a small screen of no significance setting the stage. A forest of white packing tape drawn into undulating waves between trees of the park — possibly an altogether unrelated festival installation.

Masked grotesque character emerges from the the forest to begin. A short, acrobatic dance for us follows. The mask proves elastic, and able to deform, allowing for changing expression — extraordinary with a mask! A mask of many faces!

Then a little bodily theatre, with the suit off and mask under scrutiny. Lots of modern interplay between mask and performer. Playing together, connecting as brothers.

Not particularly captivating, but asking interesting questions about form.