Mime, dance ( Stilts ) Le Théâtre


Beyond beautiful ballet on short stilts from a remarkable quintet. A distinctly feminist story of women's struggle and liberation.

Extraordinary lighting, momentarily breathtaking visuals on stage. Brilliant, atmospheric score accentuating the action. At times rigid and robotic and industrial and jarring, at other times fluid and feminine and nurturing and blessing.

Breaking glass ceilings to a catchy beat, kicking away all who tie women down and force them into uniformity. Arms and hands catching and flailing and embracing and charging.

Young girls and their woes of identity; pregnancy and caring; marginalisation or consumption by society; liberation. Power from sisters in arms. Together forward.

Stiltwork flawless. Highly expressive, impressive performance. Some sequences had an air of excess repetition, and the lighting fireworks bag ran ou eventually, but this is a first rate show, no doubt. Strongly recommended.