#22 V.O.G.O.T.

Acrobatics Le Théâtre, lobby


Beautiful, graceful acrobatics fro two in the lobby of the theatre (due to rain). (They had to measure the space before starting!)

Simple, elegant, super professional. A little contest in agility for the proverbial apple prize, an entangled dance full of symbolism. The memory of sensation as a theme.

Blindfolded for a start, carefully synchronised and rehearsed. Moves for two I have never seen before. Audibly wowed little girl in front row. Crowd mesmerised all aroud.

Precision, strength, and economy of movement. Two people linked by an invisible bond of physical familiarity, an understanding of shared presence. Impossibly lean and light-footed.

Solid choice for one of the smaller festival prizes. A favourite of the public. In my view, there was no final gear, but certainly a great performance even in the constrained circumstances.