Clownerie ( Participation show ) Village du festival


Fun and simple interaction performance by slippery lover man with significant help from the audience. The story of one eccentric ambassador of love.

Excellent spirits fromthe audience to help out deal out a balloon, a drink, a flower, and finally the entire other half of the show as the fateful date of the day. Love is a crazy good growd pleaser. A universal emotion, easy to evoke, and a great tool with which to win the audience.

Musical hits, as cheesy as they come. Wondefully amusing piece where guest girl didn't know how to rewind a cassette.

Naughty joke about a black baby, and equally graceful rescue with mustache gag. Dark, but smooth. Classic falling trousers a surefire hit for the kids. A little boy not figuring out why he should pass his flowers to a girl charmed the grown-ups.

So simple! Went the predicatable distance with the natural racounteur. Smiles and good vibes.