#18 Par les temps qui courent...

Multimedia show ( Fire spectacle, visual art, video, music ) Jardin des Arènes


A site-specific multimedia show by a large team, in the beautiful, expansive city garden. Rain, generous rain, in the dark, but fairly warm Périgueux evening.

A menacing air from the rain to an already menacing cast and crew who made the show happen in a range of setups in the park. A literal scene painter and his assistant telling short narratives from around the world, of journeys and voyages and traditions and violence — of vibrant life. A live looping cellist playing a full score for the stories.

A whole separate scene performing Mad Max aesthetic rituals with a huge scary pendulum set complete with fire cages. A team of lumières, keeping torches and lights around the garden lit in the unforgiving rain.

A mobile unit, a man on a boom box rickshaw armed with an electric guitar. A lady audiologist keeping a sequence of mounted record players on and on repeating short clips of audio. Sounds from Earth.

Rotoscopes powered by fire, screens of fire, frames of fire, briefcases of fire, and signs of all kinds and more. Of fire.

Busy installation spectacle, fine ambience, that struggled to hold on to interest in the ruinous rain. Thinning audience towards the close at midnight.