#16 Amour

Physical theatre, masks Le Théâtre


Accomplished masked theatre from veteran quintet. Wordless exploration of life and love, from youth to old age. A kind look at aging and forgiveness. I am reminded of Familie Flöz again.

Chalk drawing a fresh device, but underused. Repetition of early days in old age works, but is hopelessly predictable. Love story itself is different, and beautifully portrayed; a mature, forgiving view of love.

Mobile set used in transitions, but doesn't really add much. Subterfuge is OK, slightly unsubtle and unsmooth. Great kickboard gag at the start.

Playful view of sexuality, very much all-audiences, even a bit of toilet humour thrown in. Some emotional impact, much due to strings score, but ultimately left my cold heart well frozen.

Story has some slack, and for example boys' obvious gesturing was unnecessary exposition. The show works, but I've seen more elegant treatment of this concept.