#15 Brut

Physical theatre Le Palace


Modern dance and movement for four: two men, and two women. A tall bendy woman, a short rag-doll of a man. A musical normie guy who speaks, a dominant big lady who shouts.

Mostly the quartet appears in pairs or alone. Ordinariness as a mask, hiding great physical talent. These in-ordinary people are walking scenes of violence and physical intensity and sensitivity. "Tenderness and brutality."

There's some synchronised stuff, some bendy showing off. Men tossing about, big woman being strong and bossy. Short man with the tall lady. Lurid counter-stereotypes.

Staring at the audience — notes from the drama school training playbook. Emotions on a whim: well done, but hollow in its predictability. Nothing even remotely approaching a narrative. The show tries hard to be irreverent and modern.

Raw, plain physical theatre. Not funny, or sad, just being there. No air-con in Palace, making me sleepy again.

Not for casuals.