#14 Rito

Modern dance, physical theatre ( body sculpture ) Boulazac, plaine de Lamoura

OTRADANZA. Extremely simple and aesthetically bold; a well-crafted modern dance performance. Two dancers, a man and a woman, a pair joined — locked — in touch and movement in a primal yet ritualistic wrestle.

An starkly lit, evocative clay circle serves as the stage. Fountainheads, of porcelain, perhaps, inscribing the shape. The clay is dry and dusty and visibly breathes in the air. Human bond and forces of nature.

The pale ochre ground is a canvas on which the two draw with their extremities. The dancers hide little, even their statuesque clay uniforms erode away in the tussle. Casting off the earth, a revelation of beautiful human form.

Wonderfully connective dance made tangible and mesmerising by the skilled pair. Fluid, yet grounded and disciplined movement.

A kiss and string define the first two sequences, the third and final one could have used one more trick. Or perhaps the show divides in two halves.

Winning high-end dance and earthen physical movement.