#11 Poire

Physical theatre, dance ( subcategories ) Lycée Bertran-de-Born

COLLECTIF OROBANCHES. A 50s woman at the end of her thread. A wonderful morning solo show.

Wife to George, but incapable of expressing her domestic discomfort. A wild woman locked down in a gender role she feels suffocating. 1950s attitudes and dress. Tonight, she will let him hear it, if only her body would not fail her.

Heroic performance: rolling around and cavorting about on concrete. Breaching the skin of her knee in the process. Robotic moves of the housewife, fluid flailing contrast to her youth and happier days of freedom.

Facial expressions of anguish and desire for liberation. Happy wife, only in posing. Screaming on the inside. Powerful stuff.

Beginnings of depression, exhausted wife not able to express herself to George. Happy youth forcefully changed into shackled wife.

A short physical essay on a slow-cooking domestic nightmare. A little slow going and a tonally challenging joke ending, but wonderful stuff.