#10 The Legend of Burning Man

Multimedia performance Jardin du musée Vesunna

INSECTOTRÒPICS. A wild multimedia spectacle bringing together the violent story of Arab Spring illuminator Mohamed Bouazizi of Tunisia, Burning Man psychedelics of California, and a rapid fire roll call of political, corporate, and military industrial forces of the recent past. Obama, Pussy Riot, BP, you name it. A portrait of our troubled times.

Live video, animation, fire displays, video-in-video, drama on and off the 360° stage. Violent visuals with messy lights, messy sound, and messy overlays of stories and media and individual expression.

A large team making it happen with actors and performers supported by a technical crew and live artists. Audience involved in the climactic re-enactments.

Destructive set, an effigy, with projections and wires and heavy festival gear. Power of media; recording history in HD.

Impressive, even captivating in a car crash sort of way, but too busy to make a deep point. Audience played along in the rituals. Crazy heat wave night still full of little insects.