#9 Adventurers Wanted: Rebellion

Theatre ( Interactive, Storytelling ) Novotel 1, Sweet Novotel

An hour of RPG fun.

51st hour of a 100 hour session of an epic role play story. Well and truly in the middle of the plot. I was hoping to play, but instead had a spectator ticket. Watching others play is distinctly less fun, but no matter.

Leo the host of the hour was a resourceful GM and charismatic enough to carry the show. The players, too, were engaging. The atmosphere proved very jolly indeed, with easy laughs constantly in the air.

Story is that of a Rebellion, your standard D&D fare. There are refugees in town, as a result of a failed challenge to the cultists in power in the capital city.

The heroes are watching over things in the town hall. De facto town leader Simon has received a report that the mysterious ore, around which much of the drama revolves, has been taken from the town hall vaults. The party is dispatched to investigate.

What followed was only an hour long snapshot of the slowly unfolding story, driven by the actions of the players. It is a fantasy setting, with magic and alchemy and dragons and ye olde townsfolk with their varied professions. But human nature never changes.

The group clearly tries to be inclusive and welcoming, and remarkably hosted a women-majority party. By chance there was quite a bit of Scooby Doo detective work on this particular hour, and less of the fighting, but I understand that the day before had been more bloody.

There was the cat man druid, the morally ambiguous halfling, the bard with an interest in folklore, and the orc warrior who isn't the sharpest.

As a spectator, the experience is rather muted, but watching the party muddle their way through was entertaining enough. The slow pace can be a drag: RPGs are not for everyone.