#36 Silence

Theatre ( Outdoors ) The Square, Pleasance at EICC

Sequel to Carmen Funebre, epic outdoors theatre. Later in the evening, with the cold wind even more forbidding.

So, they came up with something more horrifying than the stilted lantern and pitchfork carriers of Carmen Funebre. The stilted Watchmen now wield wheels of fire, and Death in flamboyant full length purple walks among the damned.

Epic visuals continue, the stilt figures now assisted by vaguely Cuban looking mercenaries in salad camo on motorbikes and in Mad Max chariots. This time it's refugees caught in the violence and misery.

The ordinary people being harassed by these creatures now have children with them, or as their alter ego. Dolls and adults who make diverse silhouettes off the top of their trusty bus.

There is music, a cellist defiantly playing against the mercenaries who make noise and give and take. They bring death in smoke and gas before the end. And Death, he walks away with his long stick and a toy horse.

Parties are brought to a swift close by the henchmen. Power abusing people. The narrative is otherwise rather challenging to follow. It's all spectacle mime, and what's going on isn't always clear.

All in flames in the end. Henchmen with their fire wheels set the bus ablaze. Some fall, sooner or later. But the deaths are soon forgotten: shapes drawn around the dead are inspiredly powerwashed away by the cleaning crew that probably points at media.

Not quite as striking as Carmen Funebre, and the pace is rather slow, but Silence is a powerful show, too. Do double up on the warm outdoors gear if you go.