#34 Réversible

Circus ( Acrobatics, Contemporary ) Music Hall, Assembly Rooms

Highly visual circus from an eight strong group of beautiful people. Less impressive acts, more collective dance movement and loose narrative led numbers.

Much dancing and elaborate transitions, emphatic if incongruous microphone addresses. The story revolves around a group of young talents living in single size flats, training and interacting with one another. If there's something "reversible", something "turned upside down" in this world, I couldn't spot it. There was more to the story, but it wasn't made clear - nor was it necessary.

Three double-sided moving walls rotate and set the stage anew for each number. The numbers featured a hand stand girl, a tall hoops girl, climbing the pole, juggling with large and regular balls, see saw jumps, and that's about it. The acts weren't particularly accomplished or memorable.

Great billowing cloud visuals climax, with the ladies seemingly floating in heaven.

I suppose this show will do, if you haven't seen much circus. Personally, I really need a break.