#3 Katharine Ferns: Between One Ferns

Comedy ( Stand-up, Solo Show ) Attic, Laughing Horse @ Counting House

Self-centred stand-up comedy narrative around me me me, and #metoo.

Unsubtle storying about signing up for boat race crew and being harassed, with tangents. The story goes nowhere, nor does it properly resolve. Having a story as the foundation of your routine and practically skipping the ending is not a recipe for greatness. Work in progress — I'll say.

There's oddball boyfriends and self-deprecation well beyond awkward. Self-flagellation. More cringe-y than empathy/sympathy or even pity evoking. Certainly not funny.

"Don't worry, I'm a Canadian," that is, not American. A quick bow towards every wounded or marginalised group. Identifying with the victims. Outrage at the Facebook content level.

These navel-gazers are not a dime a dozen, but rather you can get them by the bushel at a fringe festival. Can somebody tell these people that the relationshits they are perpetually going through they don't by themselves make them in no way unique or stand-out interesting, and definitely not amusing. Schadenfreude only goes so far.