#29 Lady Rizo: Red, White and Indigo

Cabaret ( Music, Comedy ) Rainy Hall, Assembly Hall

Discount Lady Gaga apologizing for America in song and self-celebrating banter. Three strong local house band.

Rizo is a trained voice, a delight to hear. With such pipes and smooth understanding of music, the over-the-top stage antics are almost unnecessary. But that would be a different show. Outstanding covers/arrangements of songs from a bit before my time, complete with irreverent speaks.

Portishead cover, "Glory Box", was heavenly, almost worth the ticket on that alone. Drawing on some woman energy, Jewess energy, New Yorker energy. Teary-eyed hail for Lady Liberty and what she stands for. Throwing punches at Trump at a furious rate.

It's all about the showbiz, the show and the business. Rizo's lust for fame and glory is palpable, and American in its unapologetic frankness. Trouble is that her stage persona feels a bit cheap, like a mixed and matched bricolage, without much novelty or genuine character. Is there more there than just the facade?

Rizo is a brand maker, unblushingly riding the wave of anti-Trump sentiment. A voice from the left, with a Hollywood playbook. A character for the pendulum swinging back. Only thing missing is endorsing the Democrat woman who will inevitably step up.

Making fun of yourself doesn't mean you aren't doing everything you can to take advantage of the situation, to turn things to your benefit. See here a hard-working showbiz woman. Maybe she has a bit more in common with Trump than she would ever like to admit.

But she sings sweetly, and she entertains with her all. So maybe don't overthink it, and just enjoy the ride.