#27 Yuriko Kotani: Moreish

Comedy ( Stand-up, Storytelling, Solo Show ) Heroes @ Bob's Blundabus

Japanese lady in the UK for 14 years. Culture clash, a few amusing bits. Mostly clean stuff, and, let's say, middle brow and up.

Not the greatest delivery, but she does a good job giving her perspective. Kotani understands that she is in a unique position, with one foot in each culture. Admirable reflection on her practice and the kind of a comedian she wants to be. No punching down.

What she loses in fluency, she gains in her directness. Observations that are impossible to have if you are not in her situation. It's one thing to be worried about a tsunami in Japan, and another to have a mother there, and observe the local media painting a very different picture to the one you are seeing abroad.

A rare voice on the comedy circuit, in more ways than one. Not the greatest showwoman, but interesting enough.