#26 (Mes)dames

Dance Salle Emilienne Moreau-Evrard, French Institute

Classical ballet movement to a contemporary score of Christine and the Queens, and Perfume Genius.

Nothing too exciting, the three young ballerinas have devised a rather safe choreography. Pointe work, pirouettes. In unison and solo parts.

Generally graceful, but didn't feel super confident and strong all the time. Trying clothes on as a scene. A little strained. The symbolism appears to be that of women themselves as the main force holding women back.

Programme declares inspiration in womanhood, equality, and freedom. The three ladies supposedly portray different aspects of womanhood, from happy housewife to businesswoman. "Is the label 'feminist' more weight than power?"

Mostly harmless. A brief half an hour, a Fringe intermission of dance.