#24 Infinita

Physical Theatre ( Masked Theatre ) Grand, Pleasance Courtyard

Great work as usual from leading masked theatre house Familie Flöz.

Infinita is a show about both ends of life, the contrasting worlds of toddlers and retirement home regulars. Friends, or fellow inmates, as the engine for comedy and drama.

Great scenes from the masters. Wonderful slow theatre of small gestures. Pacing was a little off in a few scenes, but the nuanced physical theatre worked its magic again. Narrative was just a whisker too clever, I was left puzzling who and what I was seeing at first. Video driven scene change felt a bit unsubtle and flat.

Fantastic, absolutely hilarious toddler mime. The rest of the small children portrayed wonderfully, too. Playing with a ball during a scene change was masterful.

A true shame that the development of the love story was left to the 2D projection. The pianist was clearly in pain after having lost the love of his life, and there was so much to draw from. Daughter turning the old chap in, paying cash, was moving. So much said without a single word!

Retirement home schemes were a little predictable, but well done, and finely tuned with the small gestures. Brilliant radio scene. Comedy gold, outstanding execution. Angels epilogue was entertaining, but needlessly pandering. Liveish on-stage music was great, I'd happily see more incorporated in shows.

Main story didn't quite resolve — nothing much resolved. Flöz style? Well, okay, death and resurrection is a natural resolution, I suppose. But no lady ghost and coming together?

Very high expectations, didn't quite deliver: Teatro Delusio was simply superior. But this masterful show is still head and shoulders above most comedy.