#23 Brave Macbeth

Children's Show ( Comedy, Musical Theatre ) Basement, Rose Theatre

Brave Macbeth is a musical retelling of the classic Scottish play, from company Captivate Theatre. A frenetic staging that succeeds in the subtle art of making murders fun for children.

Quality singing, absolutely top shelf stuff, if slightly too repetitive. Believable young cast, slightly overdoing it with tiny fan service. Tributes to Monty Python to charm the parents.

Liam Forrester as Macbeth was great, Chris McLeish was impressive as Macduff and one of the witches. Georgia-Lee Roberts as menacing Lady M came across a little histrionic. Overall a solid job from members of the prolific company.

The show is a little too jam packed, and loses momentum in the musical set pieces. The soliloquy spanning Shakespeares oeuvre was rather strange and unnecessary. Not so much an abridged Macbeth, but more of a highlights tour, with singing and dance.

Horrible Histories but with less style; a self-aware show with cartoonish gags. Cast of eight felt a little large for the small stage, and some of the supporting characters couldn't quite justify their spot.

See it for the wonder that is a fun Macbeth.