#22 Lit aDrift

Dance Grand Theatre, theSpace @ Surgeons Hall

A loose narrative inspired by light and its connective power. From inclusive dance company DanceSyndrome, featuring both disabled and non-disabled performers. "Anything is possible even though you have a learning disability."

The performance features dancers from a range abilities, coming together in various combinations. The running theme is light carried in luminous spheres that the dancers handle and embrace.

The dance is very tactile and straightforward, with spins, turns and arcing shapes. Nothing overly elaborate. There's a recurring dynamic between a man and a woman, and a general star journey theme carried with an electric strip of light.

Real pros keeping the show going even with some technical difficulty. Dancers guiding one another to the end of the scene. The narrative is poetic and emotive, but does lay it on pretty thick. The big words do invite a reflective mood, and the general feel is comfortable, downright cozy.

It's always a joy to see happy performers, regardless of the show. Elated, contagious smiles at the curtain.