#14 Rachel Fairburn: The Wolf at the Door

Comedy ( Stand-up, Storytelling ) Dexter, Underbelly Bristo Square

A stand-up comedy show from a young, feisty foul-mouth'd lady from Manchester.

The usual fare, again. Relationships, how depressed I was, identity. Self-centred oversharing, a therapy projection. The boyfriend and true love. "I made a mistake, fell in love with the wrong man."

Coarse sex material; loads of gossipy and counter-gossipy storying about friends and family. Because who cares about multiple points of view anyway? This is a show about Fairburn, and it's her story and that's that.

No deep insight here, but Fairburn is a natural raconteur, and knows what lowest common thing is funny to most. Delivery ok, pace a little sluggish and overly detailed. A rehearsed reading, these jokes have been told many, many times before.

Charming effort at a serious note towards the end, but then it was crude sex jokes again across the finish line.