#13 Slipstick

Cabaret ( Absurdist, Physical Theatre ) -1, C Venues

Dreadful impersonation show from veteran showman Martin Kent. Voice-over audio lip sync and copious outfit changes for cheap one-off set pieces. Manoeuvres from the drag show play book.

Lowest of the low brow humour from vagina suits and scatological mime in a baby dress. A revue of musical numbers and references for generations past. Titanic was the contemporary end in this spectrum. How well do Edith Piaf and Liza Minelli go down with the median Fringe fan?

Something oddly American about the show. The show must go on. God knows how many times this poor bugger has had to put his make-up on.

A couple amusing bits don't salvage the show from being absolutely dismal. I cannot recommend this for anyone; I've never been closer to walking off. That said, some in the audience did seem to enjoy the show.

Only for true fans of the parodic impersonation genre.