#10 Andrea Hubert: Holes of Joy

Comedy ( Storytelling, Solo Show ) Wee Room, Gilded Balloon Teviot

Stand-up show from a woman in her thirties who identifies as a feminist, reluctantly as a Jew, but mostly as a joyless borderline syndrome afflictee.

Hubert's themes, the starting point of her show, is the emptiness she feels. The missing joy of living with the little things. Hence the diagnosis. She is on a mission, looking for the holes of joy in the great overwhelming blanket of depression.

Hubert can't not use her Jewish identity as material, but refreshingly she does go for some disavowal and ironic distance. In general the material and themes are largely the usual comedy fare. Low brow sex references and more explicit stuff, stories about strange relationships, some casually feminist observations and situations.

Nothing remarkable, but her delivery is just fine. The trouble is that this is a late night show slotted in at 2pm.

Would be nice to get something real from these entertainers, but I guess vulnerability and truth doesn't scale. Nothing memorable to see here.