#8 £¥€$ (Ontroerend Goed)

Theatre ( Interactive, International ) Upper Church, Summerhall

A unique, immersive experience - a game about the turmoils of the financial markets. A group of poker tables for pools of national banks. Trading at variable odds, mergers, bonds, national debt exchanged among tables for an intertwined world economy.

Inevitable crash under the not-so-gentle nudges introduce by the house market at each table. National economies going to shit, someone gets bailed out, some don't. Taxes are tricky to calculate, banks get warnings, greed leaves a mark. As credit ratings wax and wane, confusion and complexity increases. Palpable panic, lights go out. And all this drama even without politics and ideology. Winners, losers, too big to fail.

Excellent immersion from the hosts, 90 minutes flew by. Engaging, poignant. Understandably bounded and scripted. Not a flawless form, too coarse for general consumption AND subtleties. Point of it all left as an exercise to the visitor.

We want more immersive world banking gambling experiences, please!