#7 No Show

Circus ( Circus, Contemporary ) Summerhall

All-woman circus acrobatics quintet with an attitude. Girls doing strongman circus, commenting on how strongwoman routines they are sidelined and undermined. How TV shows and the like pay for dainty stuff, not dangerous death defying that intrigues these daredevil girls.

Unexpected themes in this highly self-aware, gleefully post-modern show. Silenced performer exploitation, trapezist without enough headway to do her thing, Amazon and the narration about how she might lose a limb or finger, shaming the head-stander on her unladylike arms. Shameless doughnut eating.

Competent circus, demonstrating that no obscure walk of life is too other to fall under the sexist patriarchy. Nice, but somehow small-scale and missing a climax. Narrative structure too loose; message isn't sharp, doesn't carry a punch.

Fierce girls - women - storming in a teacup. Barely a glimpse behind the scenes and "the glitter of sequins."