#5 The Science of Cringe

Comedy ( Theatre, Storytelling ) Underbelly, George Square

Solo exposé show from New Zealander Maria Peters on a cathartic mission to learn about cringe and engage the masses by oversharing experiences from her past.

Warm-hearted cringe-y storytelling with light audience participation. Rises above the premise of sexo-scatological SHARING, if only barely. Shame, awkwardness, and two more.

Peters makes a fine point about our meaningless, harmful act of holding on to our deepest, darkest mind-shit that keeps us up at night. Hardly any science here, though, more of an opinion piece, or a sketch of an essay.

Least cringe-worthy audience number ever drives the point well home. Hard to describe how I felt at the exit, but I was a little moved and definitely smiling.

A shallow take, if one on a rich vein. A little thin, a little too personal to claim a science. A fine cringe for the fringe.