#42 Folie à Deux

Comedy ( Improv ) Pleasance Dome, 10 Dome

Decent pair-improve from the young veterans Murray and Gittins. Absurd dialogue-driven storytelling, light mime.

Murray had shouted out half of his voice, and there was a strange gloominess and tension in the air. OK improv, but the least funny of the three times I've seen the show. Almost a reluctant performance.

Could the stars be getting tired of their show? Some needlessly sour notes in their improv reactions. The magical interaction of previous years was nowhere to be seen. The usually entertaining guessing and corpsing game seemed borderline hostile on the night.

Unhelpful word from the audience got things started on the wrong foot. Descent into bickering about English and meaning was swift.

Hilarity in unlikely directions. taken. No follow-through or resolution in the silly worlds created. Lights-guy completely out of step, not resolving the action as it grew stale.

Maybe it's time to move on from Folie à Deux.