#4 Form

Physical Theatre ( Devised, Theatre ) 10 Dome, Pleasance Dome

A mime-trio telling the story of office tedium, and one clerk's breaking out of the rat race. Gondry-esque imaginative flight to the beach and the ends of the ocean - there and back again. Improvised stagecraft from office supplies.

One delightful paper sea swim is not enough to carry an hour of wordless storytelling. Overacting, yet barely any recognisable emotion. Lacking in atmosphere, bad lights, incongruent music. Never has a show needed a smoke machine as badly as this one.

I couldn't care for the characters. The story didn't drag me along for the ride, and I couldn't believe the paper thin world I was invited to. Palpable tedium and audience restlessness. Obvious resolution 30 minutes late.

Supposedly anti-establishment, and yet we never see The Man. Missed opportunity to make a story about how one survives the office life with a little help from your friends and colleagues.

Didn't care, plain and simple. When imaginary weather is your adversary, you are in for a strained drama. Poor form.

Special mention for 10 Dome for a terrible straight seating with a negative rake in the front few rows.