#39 Process Day

Dance ( Dance, Contemporary ) ZOO Southside

Dark, techno-industrial, brutal, modern dance from a group of ten. Eyal & Behar have created a pulsating, machinelike game of shadows that starts extremely slowly, but gains momentum and intrigue to the point of gripping you like a nightmare.

There are elements of a biological organism attaining life, an engine slowly getting going. Almost imperceptibly, the force and speed is suddenly there, and the independent parts form a whole larger than the sum of them.

Each dancer, many pushed to panting, has their own theme, developed minimally in the first half. Unison is reached towards the end, when all the loose bits construct a cell of a fist-like living thing. Powerful, overbearing and captivating, only to fade away and leave the viewer dazzled and mesmerised, hypnotised.

The pacing is ruthless, and requires focus from the viewer. Oddly, it feels simultaneously that more and less could have been done to establish the idea further. The score is appropriate, suffocating, but could similarly still be developed further.

Not for everyone, but there's definitely something here for all fans of contemporary movement and dark, modern dreams.

One of the shows on the British Council Edinburgh Showcase, a great scene for the very best of British culture output.