#38 Phill Jupitus - Up The Stand

Comedy ( Stand-up, solo show ) The Stand 3&4

Routine stand-up show from comedy and Fringe legend Phill Jupitus, the hardest working comedian of the festival this year.

A surprisingly melancholy, yet hilarious show from the man who's seen it all, and has resigned to being all grown-up.

Jupitus is looking back on things now, commenting as an aside on the dwindling number of his work engagements. There are keen observations about the present day, too. More bark than bite. All vividly told.

Starting off by crooning a couple of funny songs, Jupitus took us from the present day to the beginnings of his career, to memories from the road, and to the slightly meta segment about his family as a source for material.

Here is a sensitive man, roughened up on the road into a committed performer. The show must go on ethic is unmistakable. But expect not an inch more.

Jupitus seemed a little distracted and edgeless, but conjured up an eye-wateringly funny show by sheer comedy gravitas.