#37 The Etiquette Show: Much Ado About Everything

Spoken word ( Spoken word ) Basement, Rose Theatre

An instructional hour of etiquette tips and bits of history and trivia from two self-titled experts William Hanson and Diana Mather.

Surprisingly wooden presentation from two seemingly confident presenters, almost keeping up appearances. A slide show in a basement is indeed rather common, as Hanson points out.

There is a script, which the two follow rigorously to the point of rigidity. I can't believe they let it slide when a phone went ringing in the audience.

There's a strange sense of ineffectiveness, as their jolly anecdotes from travels and trainings inspire very little in terms of awe. Maybe you can't distance yourself from the rabble, when you are both knee deep in the mud.

The presenters - and perhaps the audience, too - were clearly looking forward to the etiquette Q&A-segment,which indeed proved the most energetic.

Some amusing points throughout, but a rather thin presentation with a feel of an advert for their seminars and books. A showless show - read the books instead.