#35 Graham Dickson is the Narcissist

Comedy Underbelly

LOUD dadaist character comedy from Dickson, obliterating the fourth wall to the point of dragging the crew and audience on stage.

Virtuoso comic timing, finding a gag twist well past the expected punch line. Mental characters, the show disintegrating into an amusing dialogue between the main man and his producer foil on the show's content.

Some of the laughs are cheap, but many are the result of the absurd, energetic intensity Dickson pours into his characters. Theme of narcissism is thinly explored through the hour, but mostly it's Dickson's larking about we pay attention to.

Overpowering sound used poorly for effect. Missed opportunity to create something cohesive, with lapse into chaos chosen instead.

For fans of self-centered oddball characters and loud noises in a cave.