#33 Nocturnes

Theatre ( Multimedia, new writing ) ZOO, Sanctuary

Film noir-y hybrid film-play set in Berlin in the 50s, weaving a complex web of mystery on and off the overhead screen.

A live cast of three is confined to a peculiar dubbing setup, while a sequence of vignettes from spy games play out in the film simultaneously screened overhead. Eventually, progressively things go off script, and a foreboding game of improvisation ensues.

Imaginative play on form, veering perhaps a little too far into the Twilight Zone, leaving it up to the audience to piece plot holes together. The trick fortunately doesn't feel gimmicky at any point. Solid acting throughout.

The story captures the attention with a unique take on "...and then what happened?", but doesn't really deliver on the complex questions it raises.

Clever experimental theatre to be applauded. For all fans of post-modern works and playing with form, less so for storyline purists.