#30 The Tobacco Merchant's Lawyer

Theatre ( Comedy, Solo show ) Sweet Holyrood

A charming solo play about a lawyer and his troubles, both financial and relationship driven, in 18th century Glasgow.

Excellent writing from Iain Heggie, with a larger than life cast of caricatures. We meet a well-behaved daughter, her suitor, a scheming tobacco merchant, and a fortune teller with uncanny knowledge of the future of the past.

The play is brought beautifully to life by Andy Paterson, channelling Mark Rylance. Sometimes all you need is a veteran actor and a good story, throw in some period dress and a scene, and you've got a fine show.

A joyful show from a hard-boiled talent. Hardly breaks any new ground, but Paterson understands the material, understands the audience, and delivers an amusing solo hour.