#27 Binari

Physical Theatre ( Physical Dance, Music ) C venues - C Royale

Traditional Korean theatrical performance, a sequence of ritualistic songs and dances on the themes of death, spirits, and passage to the other world.

The story revolves around an old woman at the end of her life, who cannot pass on due to unresolved pain and trauma (Han).

emotive songs, heavy-handed humour. Understood best with a helpful translation key leaflet passed to the audience.

At time a visual treat with flowy sleeves, masks, rich fabrics, fluidly moving strips of cloth, paper boats and lanterns. Traditional instruments played live provide a consistent soundscape.

The pace is rather relaxed, and the numerous solemn songs make for a quite heavy listening. A little short of immersive and mesmerising.

Not for everyone, but perhaps a nice counterpoint to a comedy-packed Fringe day.