#26 Buzz: the musical

Musical ( Theatre, Comedy ) Pleasance Courtyard

The sort of musical that I dislike, and I saw only two thirds of it, so take this view with even more salt than usually.

Buzz is a raucous musical about a young woman and her quest to learn about self-sex and vibrators when her boyfriend breaks up with her.

Mixing low-brow material with more subtle dialogue, Buzz delivers an hour of jubilant musical fun for the masses, drawing from the inexhaustible well of sex humour. Along the way we hear about the milestones in the comparatively short women's history of sex for pleasure, notably research into sexuality and masturbation, as well as the commercial availability of vibrators.

The set is a living room corner and a couch. There's a good number of cover, behind which characters and objects can pop up unexpectedly for a laugh. This is the main mechanism of the musical. The dialogue is a little vacuous, but shines at times, and the songs and singing are both passable.

The show doesn't rise above its low origins, but provides a good laugh for fans of odd little musicals and carnal humour. Overall the feel is like that of a hidden camera TV show.