#22 Cirkopolis

Circus ( Theatre, International ) Pleasance, EICC

Expect a big circus show from the Canadian troupe in the massive conference venue. It begins in the walkways between the seat rows. Men in suits and bright ties, feeling out of place, do the opposite of blending in, and engage the audience. Eventually we have the full 12-strong company on stage, rushing past one another in a busy office scene.

The themes are industrial era grandness, contemporary office games. A cold, hard city. Think Lang's Metropolis, and Chaplin's Modern Times. There is a coherent narrative, by the standards of the genre.

World class circus from the Canadians. Visually most pleasing was probably the Cyr-wheel routine from the lady in red, Anna Lewandowska. The suited gentlemen followed with fine German wheel coin tricks. We had the usual fare of strongman business, tumbling,juggling, ropes, pole, and showy jumps.Some of that girly daintiness, that No Show dissed. But why mess with a concept that works?

Amusing clownery with a clothes rack from charming Ashley Carr. Not quite arena scale, though. There a few other pieces that looked a little small in the massive venue.

Competent, highly watchable circus action, but nothing blow-away impressive. I think I need a little break from circus to appreciate it fully again.

Fairly standard repertoire. Pin juggling variation with moving office furniture shows that the form doesn't stretch much. I'm sure it's harder than it looks, but it's still just a tiny increment on the age-old act. Would love to see a talented group like this do something a little form breaking.

But then again, what do we come to the circus for?