#21 The Murderous Philanthropist of Croydon Town

Theatre ( Devised, Comedy ) theSpace at Surgeon's Hall

A tiny musical murder farce from the very capable young group Intrepid Fools. A classic tale of a murderous bachelor fancy, his latest victim-wife-to-be, a bipolar former sea captain, and a coterie of guileless townsfolk.

The cast don't try for a second to take the absurd drama seriously, but therein lies the humour here. This is just for laughs, delicious ham sandwiches through and through. Special mention for the one-man keyboardist band with impressive rock vocals.

Low-key props, high intensity, small scale, big heart. Forget your troubles and stop by Croydon Town to hear the hilarious story of Silence of the Lambs as a Dickensian farce.