#19 The Road That Wasn't There

Theatre ( Family, Puppetry ) Assembly Roxy

Story within a story in this fairy tale of maps, paper roads, and lost love. An elderly woman recalls a sequence of mysterious visits to a town in her youth, sharing the story with her visiting adult son.

Compelling storytelling from New Zealand company Trick of the Light. A little short on magic and immersion. Puppets used to good effect to tell the inner story from days gone by. Fine dolls, OK puppetry, thought the paper people did seem rather soft.

Slightly too much exposition to tell the fantastical story and build the worlds. Projector use a little gimmicky at times.

Light horror elements, too, a risky bet in a family show, but winning. Great use of all the tricks of theatre. Paper towns a fine theme, but also feels a little done as well. OK engaging story all-in-all.

No 'Bookbinder', but a fine show still, and a sure deal for school-aged children.