#17 On This Side of Time

Dance ( Physical Theatre, Contemporary ) Space Triplex

A challenging dance piece from a Russian company, on the themes of time and the boundaries it imposes upon us. Ambitious showing of contemporary dance, from fluid martial arts moves to sticky clockwork action. Statuesque poses, stiff swoops, involuntary rolls on a puppeteer's strings.

A most curious cast of characters made an appearance. A paper-thin Gollum-channelling demon, goddesses of time, the Master of time - all white-faced and contrasting the lone human adrift on the tides of time.

Russian poetry, Russian dance. For a casual dance fan, a somewhat detached experience, missing deep connection. There is a world of tradition to know to fully appreciate this sequence.

Introduced by a coy presenter, a tiny programme of scenes slipped into the audience with the fliers. Feedback forms and little mementos served at the end of the show. First time Fringers testing the waters.