#16 Frankie Vah by Luke Wright

Theatre ( New writing, poetry ) Underbelly

A masterclass in spoken word storytelling from Wright's passionate leftist punk alter ego. Growing older, telling his story of being a young angry man in the political 80s. Passions, beliefs of a young mind, in Dr Martens and eyeliner.

Wright is an atmospheric teller, a towering stage presence and a virtuosic wordsmith. From uni awakening and under-culture London of the 80s to highlights of a raging labour youth agitator poet, Frankie's world is brought uncannily alive.

Wright reminds us about the forgotten art of man and mic. Never have I heard a more powerful, transfixing voice.

Ride with Frankie Vah, and discover depth and deft puns in equal measure. The story is interspersed with poems off the bar mic. What a difference some theatre smoke and attitude make. World class spoken word. No wonder word about Frankie Vah reached me well in advance of the man.

Can't help but wonder where all this story comes from, whose experience this really is. So real, so total it feels. Vah's righteous eyes, channelling Forest Whitaker, eat into your soul.

The tight set lost a little steam towards the end and the inevitable conclusion, as the story dawned upon us all. Stories like these are not unique, but rather painfully relatable.

Witness Frankie Vah speak. Hear the preacher's son sermon, and find something to believe in.