#15 Peacocks, Lobsters and Us

Dance ( Physical Theatre, Contemporary ) C Venues - C cubed

A highly physical, modern dance sequence for two with a narrated storyline on the curious mating rituals of earthbound men. Charming little documentary from "the Love Lab", featuring spot on observations about the human condition.

A narrator and a lowish key slide show carry the story stepwise from courting to coupledom, with our two dancers enacting and providing commentary.

Unassumingly friendly, at times salacious, exposition. Very gentle, borderline sex-ed clean. Supposedly adult insight. The show preaches a simple message of happiness, and how you find it when you stop looking for perfection. Little room for ambiguity or complexity here.

Show works like a treat in the small space, our specimens making the most of it with their connections and disconnections. Energetic, expressive and sensual dance for everyone. Nothing too elaborate, very grounded and real. Startlingly raw emotion conjured up from deep within, amidst sweat-dripping physical exhaustion.

Rings surely close to home for just about everyone.