#11 The Oxford Gargoyles

Music ( A cappella, Jazz ) C venues - C

Hobbyist a cappella from a long-standing university group, a welcome afternoon break of song.

Jazz standards in capable renditions with elaborate choreography complete with standard light show. Nothing too innovative here - an age old concept working as well as always.

Singing fell a little short on power, with the chorus battery several times out-singing the soloist. Engine running fairly cold well past the show midpoint. Desperately missing some star power on stage. The fresh-faced singers soldiered through the material in an enjoyable hour, seemingly happy to reach the encore in good standing.

Delicate Let It Be proved to be the show highlight, with grace and jazz in equal measure.

A shame that the this gargoyle group found the soul of song only for the encore Proud Mary rendition. More blues and feeling could easily have elevated the show.