#1 Bruce

Theatre ( Puppetry ) Underbelly Cowgate

Acclaimed two-man puppetry featuring a yellow foam block in all the roles in a hilarious, cyclical story about love and revenge.

Unplanned, though short-listed, entry started off my Fringe. True Fringe miracle, got the last ticket to a sold-out run from the Underbelly box office - staff amazed at my good fortune. Great start to my Fringe!

Show was minimalist, with a talking head and Rayman hands, and a couple of gag props introduced with impeccable comic timing. Audience was well warm, and in good humour with little effort. Competent puppetry, with excellent voice work and coordination. Very polished, has toured for years. Smash-hit at Ed Fringe 2015.

Nothing too revolutionary, just a very fun night out with a harmless story. Characters are caricatures, understandably. Moments of slapstick, playing to the crowd. Great intro to puppetry, perhaps.