#13 Two Man Show

Summerhall, North Side

Powerful, bold and intelligent contemporary theatre by a fearless trio of women, including a one-woman rock band. On one hand a story of two men in a difficult point in their lives; brotherhood, manhood. On the other hand an exploration of patriarchy, masculinity from a distinctly female perspective. On yet another hand a desperate intervention: this is not how things need to be.

All presented in a full frontal assault. Loud, fast, physical. In a parallel narrative, the naked female form viewed, presented, through a lens like no other. If erotic is the mystery, the hidden, and the implied, what remains of the male gaze, when all is openly showed in a matter of fact way? Men and women connecting at a level beyond their sexuality.

The show is packed with thought and understanding, or at least the right questions. Just when you think it cannot get any more incisive, they somehow find another gear.

Two Man Show punches hard and rocks you. Outstanding work. This is what I want from my theatre.