#2 Taste of Scotland -dinner show

Prestonfield House

A taste of Scotland for American pensioners and the other grey-haired folk. Pre-packaged product for the masses, nothing glamorous. Had some haggis. Loud show from a front row seat. Met an American couple who had been in Scotland decades ago - came for a revisit. The tree of us in a table for ten. Song and dance. Reminiscent of a troop entertainment revue. A grand Haggis ceremony.

Show was mostly the dance troupe, bagpipes, singing, and "Are you having a good time?" from the jovial host. "Where is everyone from?" Mostly Australia, it turns out. Busloads of people in the big Stables tent.

Not much of a meal, though plenty of wine. Audience participation for me involved a cèilidh dance with a lady with clammy hands.